3x-great grandparents: William Armer & Ann Huntington

William Armer and Ann Huntington married in June 1813 at St Helen’s in Garstang. Ann (or ‘Nanny’ as she is called in the censuses and on the headstone), was a minor, actually 20. They had 7 children, my 2x great grandfather John being the eldest, born in the October after they married in the June.


The headstone is in the church yard of St Michael’s, Cockerham, where many other Armers are buried. We first found it in 2014, but it was afternoon, so the sun was behind the stone, making it impossible to capture the inscription with just a Smartphone camera. Morning is the time to visit cemeteries, as the headstones face east so will be lit by the sun! (But then you have dew, and cold feet, to contend with.)

The inscription carries another mystery:

William Armer
who died 12th Dec 1858 aged 72 years
and Nanny his wife
who died May 11th 1879 aged 87 years
also of Mary daughter of
Thomas and Elizabeth Lamb
of Barrow who died Oct 26th 1884
aged 17 years

Why was Mary Lamb, a 17 year old, buried with the Armers? This is answered in another post!

Here are the children of William and Ann. John their eldest is my great-great grandfather. The coloured rectangles are from the name stickers I used at the Family Reunion in September 2018 at Cockerham Parish Hall, where descendants of four of the seven children attended.

Armer Family Tree Summary

Here is the family living ‘cheek by jowl’ in the 1841 Census:

Wm & Ann 1841 Census

By the time of the 1851 Census, only Thomas and Anthony are still at home:

Wm & Ann 1851 Census

This census gives William’s birth place as Ditto (= Lancashire) N.K., which I take to mean Nether Kellet, 6 miles north-east of Lancaster. But it could equally stand for “not known”!

Wm Armer NK

William died in 1858 and Mary is listed as a ‘charwoman’ in the 1861 Census, living at Higherend Lane in Pilling. In the 1871 Census she is an annuitant (pensioner) living with her daughter Mary (who married William Postlethwaite) at Cavendish Street, Barrow.

William and Ann’s death certificates are below. Note that Anthony reported his father’s death and could write, while Richard reported his mother’s death but left his mark (see Anthony Armer & Mary Wright post for the significance of this)!

Wm & Ann death certs

William was the youngest son of Thomas Armour (1746-1830) and Mary Edmundson (1744-1800).


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