4x great grandparents: Thomas Armer & Mary Edmundson

In this generation, the family are a little way north of Cockerham. Thomas ‘Armour’ (as he is listed) was born in Halton, on the right hand edge of the map below. His six younger siblings were born in Hatlex (centre top of the map below, from 1898, and shown in detail in the 1848 map at the top). All were baptised at Holy Trinity in Poulton le Sands, one of three small villages that merged to form Morecambe. Holy Trinity Church became Morecambe Parish Church.

He married Mary Edmundson February 9th 1767 at St Mary’s Church, Lancaster, and is described as a ‘Husbandman of this parish’. Mary is ‘Spinster of the parish of Heysham’. She died in her mid 50s in 1800 while Thomas lived until 1830. Both dates are before the era of death certificates.

The parish registers state that Thomas and Mary are buried at Holy Trinity, Poulton, but there are no Armers on the list of headstones on Morecambe Parish Church’s website. I guess they were too poor to pay for one.

Thomas’ parents were Thomas Armer and Ellin Armer nee Williamson who were married in 1744 in the similarly-named Holy Trinity Church, Bolton le Sands, just off the map to the north. Thomas was born in 1720, son of Anthony Armer, who I think is from Sedbergh in Yorkshire. As the generations drift south, my search is drifting north!

T&M map

These are the children of Thomas and Mary, my 4x great grandparents (William and Ann are my 3x greats):

T&M tree

Thomas was the eldest son of Thomas Armor (1720-unknown) and Ellin Williamson (unknown-1786).


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