Armer Reunion at Cockerham

Cockerham Village Hall is booked for Saturday 15th September, from 2pm, for a get-together of Armers and former Armers, cousins young and old! St Michael’s Church, where many of our ancestors were baptised, will be open from 11am for a short time. William Armer and Ann Huntingdon are buried in the churchyard, but I’ve never been inside the church. Invitations will be sent out soon.

I’m working on getting all the separate trees from the blog onto an A2 chart to give out at the event, so please let me know if there are errors or people I’ve missed. In the meantime, I’ve added my details to Alice Ramsey’s cousin chart, which neatly explains the ‘Nth cousin’ and the ‘cousin once removed’ thing.

cousin diagram




  1. Hi Sally

    Will pass on the info to my mum (Mary) about the reunion, I’m sure she’ll want to be there! I’ll be there too.

    I’m also going to pass it on to my cousins in Wiltshire (John and Jayne) who are Stanley Armer’s children (from the William Armer and Mary Bailey tree).

    Thanks so much for this.



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